Russian as a foreign language
Depending on your ultimate goal, well-qualified individual teachersmake the program of study so that you find yourself focusing on the right level as you learn Russian as a foreign language.

Russian for Expats| Russian language lessons‎

Learning for the sake of speaking, not for the sake of learning.
Antishkola was set up in 2006 as the language school and the biggest community of professional teachers native speakers from all over the world. It's operating for expatriates as well and clients from abroad aged 5 y.o. onwards teaching Russian as a foreign language.

We focuses on developing and improving conversation skills and introduction to Russian language and culture. The school is located in the center of Moscow, in cozy cafe with friendly atmosphere.
Греческий язык, изучение греческого языка, курсы греческого языка

Learning Russian as a Foreign Language

You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.
Antishkola provides a unique opportunity to master the language quick by using it in practice. We try to use the strategy of study that best matches the individual needs of each student depending on professional and academic backgrounds, levels of proficiency in Russian, and in accordance with the desired length and form of study. Standard course includes:
  • Practical Phonetics
  • Communicative Grammar
  • Conversational Practice
The key points of our strategy are:
Individual schedule
Study when it is suitable for you, at home, office or Native Speakers Cafe with free Internet access (Wi-Fi zone), hot coffee and tea.
Private lessons
Individual private lessons allows to get the best results in the shortest time.
Flexible approach
This method lets us to identify and apply the program of study that best matches the individual needs of each student.

Russian Language in Moscow | Language Courses for Everybody‎

We compliment classical language school by comfort, positive emotions and transfer of Russian language and culture.
You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.

We know that you are not student of typical language courses. You prefer individual approach and perceive importance of individual approach.

That's why 4 people will be working with you in Antishkola:

- your personal manager
- coach (2 sessions) who will be caring of your motivation during the study
- individual tutor - professional teacher and native speaker
- Antishkola coordinator (the person who tracks your results and lead you to your goal)

Learning Russian language: programs

In accordance with your language aim teacher will create individual program for you. Antishkola's coordinator will choose the tutor who suits you by interests, professional background and temperament.
Course for beginners
Intensive course
Business Russian
Russian with a specific industry - professional /technical lingo
Contact to Russian language coordinator
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+7 (499) 350-37-85
пн-пт: с 10.00 до 20.00
сб-вс: с 12.00 до 18.00
Адрес: г. Москва, Большая Дорогомиловская, 14
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